Monday, 27 February 2012


I offer my services to company's to review products for them, I do not want payment for this.
It is the company's choice if to allow me to keep the product or to offer it to me on loan.

In my reviews I will give my honest opinion, I will show pictures of the product being used and tested.
I am happy to review any product.

If any one has any questions or would like to enquire about me testing/reviewing a product for them then please get in touch via email.
my email address is

thank you

Saturday, 18 February 2012


Hey im kelly williams,
im 27years old, and have 2 children,
I enjoy spending time with my kids, going for walks, shopping with friends, and going out when
i get the chance.
I like entering competitions,
Ive added a few pics of me, so you all know who i am, sorry there not very good, but i just dont do pictures

if you want to know anything then just ask


Meet My Children

I have 2 wonderfull children

DJ- he is 6years old and was born on 21/08/2005, at 7.01am, weighing a healthy 8lb 4.5oz,
last year after nearly 2years of asking his school teachers to test dj to see if he was dyslexic, they finally agreed to test him, and we found out that he is, in some aspects dj has the abillity to do things as an 8years and 2months old would, but in others it is 3years and 7months,
since having the test dj has been getting extra help and has improved loads,
DJ likes to spend time with his friends, he likes to help me with his little sister and he enjoys all arts and crafts, jigsaws and playing on the wii

Ruby- Ruby is 16months old, and the horror of the family, she has the most amazing personallity and is so cheeky, but she knows how to get what she wants already( think she going to be trouble, lol)

like most children her age she likes to make her mess, her fave things are her baby dolls, meerkat teddy, she also likes music, as soon as she hears it, she starts dancing,