Sunday, 24 June 2012

Summer Holidays

Well the summer holidays are nearly here, Where we have 6 weeks of trying to entertain the kids and stop them from feeling board.
I was hoping to take the kids to haven on holiday for a long weekend but have started doing the house up, So far I have done my daughters room in pink and white with hello kitty, My son's room is blue and white and he wants me to do it up in angry birds. So now I want matching toy boxes etc for both rooms and a few extra bits then I can start on my room, Because of this a holiday is out of the question :(
So we are going to have a nice few days out and will also do some other activites with them, hopefully we will get some nice weather.
My son also has his 7th birthday in august so have started planing that already and buying little bits.
I thought I would write what I have planned and hope to do with the kids.

1) Day out to llandudno, where we will have a walk along the pier and visit the arcades and have a shop around and some dinner.

2)Day out to rhyl, where we will go and visit the sea aqaurium there and go to the suncentre where we will go swiming and have dinner

3)Day to chester zoo, My son loves going here so hoping Ruby will also enjoy this as last time we went she was a baby.

4)Bangor fun centre where the kids can play and climb and also have some dinner

5)Hoping that we have nice weather a few visits to the beach, which is free and take our buckets and spades and a home-made picnic

6)Again if the weather is nice I will get out our sandpit and paddling pool so we can have a few hours fun in the garden, and hopefully have a few bbq's

7)Dvd days, were we will sit in the house, watch what-ever dvds the kids want and have some cuddles

8)DJ'S birthday we are having a small party in the house with a few friends, so that will take up a few hours, he has asked for a mario party, so have got some bits ready, and some presents,

Can anyone else recomend anything to keep the kids busy? if so let me no, includes free days and days out xx

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