I have contacted Alton Towers before writing this review to ask their permission, They have agreed that i can write it, all the opinions are my own and i have not received anything for it.

This is the front of the Alton Towers splash landing hotel,  I love the way it is, makes it look so much more exciting to the kids.

THE HOTEL- splash landings hotel is set at the Alton Towers resort, it looks small on the outside but once you step inside you will see that looks are deceiving, when you walk in you have the main entrance,(reception) there is also a bar area where the children's entertainment is held during the evening, and a small gift shop where you can buy gifts and newspapers, drinks and sweets, you can also go from this hotel through to the Alton Towers hotel, in splash landings there are also the rooms, flambos restaurant,(evening meals and breakfast),
arcade and the water park.

THE STAFF- The staff at the hotel are very friendly and welcoming, they will go out of their way to help in anyway they can. We had problems locating the sea life centre there(i don't drive), so after us walking round and getting lost we went and explained the situation, and they kindly got a staff member to take us their and to pick us up when we were ready to return to the hotel

THE ROOM- Our room was a decent size, in the room we had tea and coffee making facilities, a TV, double bed and bunk beds, their was also 2 Alton Tower colouring packs left for my friends children, In the bathroom was a sink, toilet and bath with shower, all clean with 2 shower gels and fresh white towels.

THE ARCADE- In the arcade there were various machines, teddy grab machines, 2p slot machines, fruit machines and a few others, we spent a good hour or so in their having ago on things, i was also lucky enough to win 2 teddy's, well worth the £1.00 i spent wining them.

FLAMBOS- This is the dining area, it is advisable to book on arrival as spaces getting filled quickly,
It is an all you can eat buffet, adults cost £19.95 and children £7.95, There was plenty to choose from, burgers, nuggets, chips, potato's, Chinese, Indian, salad bar, roast dinners, ice cream, doughnuts, cakes and much much more. Drinks aren't included in the price. The staff were helpful and friendly, At the time we sat down for food the fire alarm went off and we had to evacuate the building, a staff member kindly helped us out and waited with us until we could return.
Breakfast was serve yourself, there were fresh juices, coffee, tea and water for drinks, then to eat there was everything you could want for a full cooked breakfast, a selection of jams, yogurt, muffins and much more.
all very tasty.

WATER PARK- We had free entry to the water park, this was included in the price of the stay, it had just had just been refurbished, I was surprised at the size of the water park, as it is not just inside the hotel, there is also an outside part, they have various slides, pools, climbing frames, and water pistols,
I thoroughly enjoyed myself whilst in the water park, so did the children. There is something for everyone there.

ENTERTAINMENT- As it was a themed weekend we went to, they had themed entertainment, it was pirates, This was held in the bar, and had kids entertainers doing singing and dancing, the kids really enjoyed this and kieran my friends son was dressed up in his outfit, i even had a little dance.

OVERALL OPINION- My overall opinion of the splash landings hotel is that it is absolutely fantastic, i had the time of my life there, and i will be returning soon for an overnight stay with my own children, I'm hoping to go during the summer, or at Christmas time.
I was really pleased with the layout, cleanliness, everything about the hotel and staff, I couldn't of asked for a better stay, and have recommended to my family and friends that its a great place for adults and kids.


  1. Brilliant Review Kelly!! Will definitely look to stay here this summer as we are theme Park fanatics!! lol My Little boy will love the Pool!! x

  2. Great review , The pics are great, we will definitely look in to going x

  3. thank you for the comments guys, I had an amazing time there, and can't wait to go again, especially on a theamed weekend xx

  4. How fab does that place look? Do u think theyd mind us 2 "big" kids goin and having more fun than any of the children there LOL Its such a great review - no wonder people are looking in2 going hun - well done xx