Friday, 7 September 2012


On August 21st this year my son DJ turned 7, I can't believe how fast the years have gone by, it only feels like yesterday that i held him in my arms for the very first time.
For his birthday this year he asked if we could have a day out to Colwyn bay zoo ( welsh mountain zoo), I agreed to this and said he could take one friend with him.
On his actual birthday I did a little tea party in the house, did some food, put some banners and ballons up and made party boxes for all the kids and invited a few friends over, He loved it.

Here is the table ready with all the food, I decided not to do loads as most years I go overboard and have lots of waste, so this year I cut down and only had a little left over which we had as snacks later on whilst we were watching dvds.

 This is DJ'S birthday cake which was made by my next door neighbours daughter who is only 13, I have to say it tasted just as good as it looked. DJ was really made up with it and got a bit upset when we had to cut it to put some in the party boxes.
As I have mentioned above DJ had asked if we could go to the zoo, so the following day we were up bright and early to get the bus at 8am to get to the train station for 9.20am, we also had to pop into the shop to pick up a few bits.
We arrived at the zoo at just after 10am and didn't leave until 5pm that day, we wacthed a few of the animal shows that they put on during the day and also stopped so the kids could play in the park area for a while.

I got so many pictures at the zoo that I can't possiblly put them all on otherwise this blog post would go on and on, DJ has said it was the best birthday ever and what matters the most is that he had a good few days and enjoyed himself lots

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