OMG I have tried to colour my hair today, or should I say bleach, never again, I now have orange hair that feels really really dry, I have just spoken to a friend who is a hairdresser and she has advised me to keep it as it is for a few days and give it a few conditioning treatments before I even think about colouring it again,
I was soposed to be having a very rare night out tonight, but that's now out of the question, So I will have a nice relaxing night in as the Dj is staying in his friends and Ruby is staying with a friend of mine, So I have decided that tonight I am going to have a nice hot relaxing bubble bath, with candles and pamper myself.
My friend has said she will come round and colour my hair for me monday and give it a good trim,
I have certainly learnt my lesson from colouring my own hair, and will never be doing it again.
I will load a picture up after I have had my hair coloured and cut on monday :)


  1. ooh been there, done that hun! 16 yrs old and thought it was the most fab idea 2 dye my dark brown hair blonde - oooops - luminous orange 4 weeks until a hairdresser was able 2 strip it back then she had 2 do something long and painful 2 the vast amounts of natural red running through my long head of hair (thus the reason my hair was orange as technically red and yellow equals orange LOL).

    Then I had 2 have 2 special treatments 2 get my hair 2 a lovely shade of blonde - after 9 hours at haridressers and £50 later (that was a massive amount of money 2 me 25 years ago) I looked lovely but I hated gettin my roots done every 4-6 weeks so gave up - it was the worst year of growing it out being half blonde half dark brown.

    Anyway I now dye my hair all shades of red now using the wash ins - its great changin colour every couple of weeks but I will never ever be blonde again ah well never mind xx

    Must see pix of ur fab new look hun - Im sure u look gorgeous xx

  2. Hi Kelly,

    I'm trying to get in touch and wondered if you have an email address?

    Thanks, Tom

  3. Hi you can contact me on, thank you

  4. Hi you can contact me on, thank you