Sunday, 25 March 2012



I was kindly sent four can's of the aspire drink to review
Aspire comes in 250ml cans,  each can contains less than 15calories, (there is 5calories per 100ml)

Not being keen on cranberry I wasn't sure that I would enjoy this drink, As soon as I received them I put them in the fridge as 1 thing I really don't like is a warm drink, I like my drinks to be as cold as possible.
Later on that day I decided to have a try knowing that they would be chilled enough, I was really surprised by the flavour as I actually quite enjoyed this.
It is claimed that drinking a can of aspire can help burn over 200 calories per can, They do contain a good source of minerals and vitamins so it is a healthy drink to have.
Although I can't tell you if this drink has helped me burn 200 calories I can say that I througholy enjoyed it as a drink, It is perfect to help you feel refreshed on the warm summer days, and I have been out and bought more.
Aspire is available to buy from Holland and Barrett, and retails at £1.75 a can.

You can also find them on Facebook, at as well as on twitter @Aspiredrinks

Friday, 23 March 2012


I thought I would let you all know about my mother's day. Well I woke up to DJ my 6year old son bringing me some biscuits and a can of red bull to me in bed for my breakfast, and although I don't normally eat first thing I ate them as he had gone down stairs, and used his little stool to get them from the cupboard for me, I had a kiss and cuddle of both children. We then sat in bed, well me and DJ did, Ruby trashed my bedroom, whilst we watched cbeebies for minutes, We then went downstairs and I put the TV on for the kids whilst I made them some breakfast, after breakfast DJ got himself dressed whilst I got myself and ruby dressed, then DJ presented me with 2 lovely handmade cards and a picture he had done for me, I knew we were going to my mum's for dinner and was told the night before it wouldn't be ready until around 2.30pm so I decided to take the kids for a walk, where DJ kindly picked me some daffodils from the side of the road, on the way back we collected some long grass so we could feed the horse, Ruby loved this as it most of tickled her hand as the horse took it from her hand. By the time we got back it was time to go to my mums so we could give her the gifts and cards we had bought, We got her a card each from myself and the kids, some chocolates and a lovely purple heart shaped box, I was then given my gifts that my mum had got me from the kids, I had another 2cards, a box of diary milk chocolates, some Thornton chocs with I love mummy written on it and the same purple box we had got my mum. Dinner was lovely, a nice big chicken dinner, followed by strawberry's and ice cream, A massive thank you to my step-dad for cooking it for us all. After dinner we sat and watched a film, then I took the kids home, and gave the kids a bubble bath, some supper and a story for Ruby before I put her to bed, Me and DJ decided to make some cakes, we made fairy cakes with faces and some chocolate cookies. I really enjoyed my mother's day, it was lovely to spend it with the people who mean the world to me and hope all you yummy mummy's out there also had a lovely day. Once I find my camera lead I will add a few pictures to this.

Wednesday, 14 March 2012


I have 2 wonderful children who have changed my life for the best
DJ who is 6years old, 21/08/05
RUBY who is 16months old, 08/10/10

I have had some nasty comments, and grief from people over being a single mum, and this makes me wonder are there any other single parents out there that have had this.
O.k so it wasn't my choice to become a single parent but it has happened, I was only with DJ dad for 4months when I fell pregnant, he said he would stand by me, and that what ever happened would be there for DJ, I was 21 having DJ, me and his dad split up when DJ was 8months old and the last time he had any contact with DJ was when he was 16months old.
I was on and off with RUBY'S dad for a while before I caught with her and when I announced I was pregnant he told me to go the doctor's and arrange an appointment to have an abortion, I said no so that was the end of us, RUBY'S dad got in touch when she was 4months old, so I went to meet him and we had a good chat and he apologised for everything, I agreed that he could meet his daughter and he now has contact with her, Once a month, this is his choice to only see her once a month, and this is only for the day, but at least he does have some contact.
O.k so I admit a lot of people do judge me for having 2children by different fathers but I wouldn't change either of them, I would do anything I possibly can to protect them, DJ and Ruby do look quite similar, But DJ is fair with blue eyes and pale skin, (although in the summer when we do get warm weather he gets a lovely tan, I only wish I could tan like him,) RUBY is dark hair, dark eyes and olive skin, DJ is also quite, laid back and will happily sit and watch a film, or do a jigsaw, sit and draw and paint for hours on end, where as Ruby gets stressed quickly, has one hell of a temper and is only happy when the music is on and she is throwing things around.
People ask if I could go back in time would I change things and of only had one child, would I of aborted both, silly questions, Well my answer to that is simple, It's a big fat NO.
Before I had DJ I worked away in holiday parks, and hotels, only in the UK, but I got to do what I really wanted, Now I have applied to go back to collage and do an access course to hopefully go onto university and study to be a midwife, If I hadn't of had my children I never would of dreamed about going to collage, but they have made me realise that life is what I make of it, I want to be successful in life and give them the best start I possibly can.
I don't think there is anything wrong with being a single parent, I love every minute of it, My kids are amazing and every day with them is different, If I'm feeling down I only have to look at the 2 of them and when I see them smiling it makes me feel warm inside and realise how lucky I am to have such amazing children, I love them both so much with all of my heart and although I can't have more children as I have been sterilised I would do it all over again if I had too.
love you DJ and RUBY millions
always and forever
Mummy xxxxxx

Monday, 12 March 2012


I was lucky enough to receive this book from to review.
First I had to decide what book I would like and choose a message to include inside the book and then to upload the pictures I wanted, I sent in 4 pictures, mum, dad, DJ and Ruby (sister), The total for the book and delivery was £18.50 (I was sent a £20.00 voucher as I agreed to review a book for them)
The website was easy to use and browse around, with various books to choose from, you can also choose a book where it is just the child that stars.
I choose this book as DJ is dyslexic and after having a flick through realised it would be perfect for my son as the writing is quite large and the book is fairly easy to read.

I gave DJ the book and he was over the moon with it, he was so excited to see pictures of us all included in the story, I really like the fact that you are able to put your own personalised message in the book, it makes it feel more personal and a nice present to give to someone whom you care about and love so much.
I was kept updated by email on the progress of the book and was even able to see it on line, It was stated that I would receive the book with 14days of placing my order and I can say I was really pleased with delivery as I had it within 7days.
I will use the website again to purchase further books for friends and family members birthdays/Christmas,
Also if you order through them they also send you offers via email offering you money off further purchases.
I highly recommend this website to anyone who has children/grandchildren and also to people who are thinking about purchasing something different for a friends/relatives child

Wednesday, 7 March 2012


First of all I would like to say a big thank you to sugerpoke for kindly allowing me to review some of their products, and for the speedy delivery.
The products they sent me were letter box friendly, and come packaged in a small card box, with some lovely red tissue paper, a code offering me a 10% discount of an order I make, A lovely card with a nice message thanking me in advance for reviewing their products and 3 different items.
I was sent

1)Choc chip of the old block, shortbread
2)Brilliant brownie
3)anyone for tiffin?!

I decided that I would share a little of each with the children so I could also see what DJ had to say and to see Ruby's reaction.
First we tried the shortbread, I chose to try this one first as I will be honest and tell you I'm not a lover of shortbread, But i have to say this was so creamy, crumbly and tasty, I was really surprised by how much I liked it, DJ said he liked it but didn't want to finish his as he hates getting messy, which was just as well he didn't finish it, as ruby demolished her's and shouted more more, so DJ gave her the rest of his to eat.
Next we tried the tiffin, I have never heard of tiffin before I had this and wasn't sure about it as tiffin contains sultanas, which I really don't like, But this was lovely, on top it has a nice layer of chocolate, and it has a lovely crunch to it from the honeycomb and digestive biscuit, Ruby took a bite and threw it on the floor, which normally means she doesn't like something, DJ said this was his favourite one and could I get some more for his school lunch box, which I have promised him that i will.
Now for my favourite, the chocolate brownie, This melted in my mouth and was like tasting a piece of heaven, extremely moreish, I was thinking about eating it all, but I couldn't not share with the kids. Both DJ and Ruby also enjoyed this.

I can honestly say that I will be putting in an order for myself very soon, and when they come I will be hiding the brownies as i'm not sharing again. After tasting the products I have been sent, I have to say how pleased I am with everything, I have already told a couple of friends about, they have some lovely products for yourself or to order as a gift for someone.

Edible Mothers Day Gifts

Saturday, 3 March 2012


Sorry I haven't been on here much, Ruby has been unwell and I ended up in hospital with her again,
Poor little mite had a temperature of 104.8,
We had to stay in, as she has severe tonsillitis and was slightly dehydrated, and had to be fed through a syringe. Thank fully we are now home, with 2lots of antibiotics, throat spray and calpol. I have been told she has large tonsils so will suffer with her throat as she grows, They have also said it's more than likely that she will have to have her tonsils out in the future.
Thankfully she is now on the mend and starting to eat and drink more for me. and is slowly returning to her normal mischievous self.

I missed being able to celebrate ST David's day this year as I was in the hospital with ruby, My son had to stay in a friends so she said she put him in a nice white shirt, with a daffodil and small leek attached with a safety pin, I'm quite glad that this year they didn't have a concert as I would of missed it, and I enjoy going to watch them, But this year the school decided to do fun and games with a welsh lamb dinner, DJ said he enjoyed it, so that is the main thing.

On the plus side I am just waiting for a couple of items to arrive in the post to review, I'm looking forward to it, as there is something there for Ruby and DJ, which will be good, I have the camera ready with new batteries.
I am hoping to get some more members on here then I will run a competition, I would like to if I can get up-to 30members before I do this.

Kelly xxx