Wednesday, 14 March 2012


I have 2 wonderful children who have changed my life for the best
DJ who is 6years old, 21/08/05
RUBY who is 16months old, 08/10/10

I have had some nasty comments, and grief from people over being a single mum, and this makes me wonder are there any other single parents out there that have had this.
O.k so it wasn't my choice to become a single parent but it has happened, I was only with DJ dad for 4months when I fell pregnant, he said he would stand by me, and that what ever happened would be there for DJ, I was 21 having DJ, me and his dad split up when DJ was 8months old and the last time he had any contact with DJ was when he was 16months old.
I was on and off with RUBY'S dad for a while before I caught with her and when I announced I was pregnant he told me to go the doctor's and arrange an appointment to have an abortion, I said no so that was the end of us, RUBY'S dad got in touch when she was 4months old, so I went to meet him and we had a good chat and he apologised for everything, I agreed that he could meet his daughter and he now has contact with her, Once a month, this is his choice to only see her once a month, and this is only for the day, but at least he does have some contact.
O.k so I admit a lot of people do judge me for having 2children by different fathers but I wouldn't change either of them, I would do anything I possibly can to protect them, DJ and Ruby do look quite similar, But DJ is fair with blue eyes and pale skin, (although in the summer when we do get warm weather he gets a lovely tan, I only wish I could tan like him,) RUBY is dark hair, dark eyes and olive skin, DJ is also quite, laid back and will happily sit and watch a film, or do a jigsaw, sit and draw and paint for hours on end, where as Ruby gets stressed quickly, has one hell of a temper and is only happy when the music is on and she is throwing things around.
People ask if I could go back in time would I change things and of only had one child, would I of aborted both, silly questions, Well my answer to that is simple, It's a big fat NO.
Before I had DJ I worked away in holiday parks, and hotels, only in the UK, but I got to do what I really wanted, Now I have applied to go back to collage and do an access course to hopefully go onto university and study to be a midwife, If I hadn't of had my children I never would of dreamed about going to collage, but they have made me realise that life is what I make of it, I want to be successful in life and give them the best start I possibly can.
I don't think there is anything wrong with being a single parent, I love every minute of it, My kids are amazing and every day with them is different, If I'm feeling down I only have to look at the 2 of them and when I see them smiling it makes me feel warm inside and realise how lucky I am to have such amazing children, I love them both so much with all of my heart and although I can't have more children as I have been sterilised I would do it all over again if I had too.
love you DJ and RUBY millions
always and forever
Mummy xxxxxx

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