Sunday, 25 March 2012



I was kindly sent four can's of the aspire drink to review
Aspire comes in 250ml cans,  each can contains less than 15calories, (there is 5calories per 100ml)

Not being keen on cranberry I wasn't sure that I would enjoy this drink, As soon as I received them I put them in the fridge as 1 thing I really don't like is a warm drink, I like my drinks to be as cold as possible.
Later on that day I decided to have a try knowing that they would be chilled enough, I was really surprised by the flavour as I actually quite enjoyed this.
It is claimed that drinking a can of aspire can help burn over 200 calories per can, They do contain a good source of minerals and vitamins so it is a healthy drink to have.
Although I can't tell you if this drink has helped me burn 200 calories I can say that I througholy enjoyed it as a drink, It is perfect to help you feel refreshed on the warm summer days, and I have been out and bought more.
Aspire is available to buy from Holland and Barrett, and retails at £1.75 a can.

You can also find them on Facebook, at as well as on twitter @Aspiredrinks

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