Wednesday, 7 March 2012


First of all I would like to say a big thank you to sugerpoke for kindly allowing me to review some of their products, and for the speedy delivery.
The products they sent me were letter box friendly, and come packaged in a small card box, with some lovely red tissue paper, a code offering me a 10% discount of an order I make, A lovely card with a nice message thanking me in advance for reviewing their products and 3 different items.
I was sent

1)Choc chip of the old block, shortbread
2)Brilliant brownie
3)anyone for tiffin?!

I decided that I would share a little of each with the children so I could also see what DJ had to say and to see Ruby's reaction.
First we tried the shortbread, I chose to try this one first as I will be honest and tell you I'm not a lover of shortbread, But i have to say this was so creamy, crumbly and tasty, I was really surprised by how much I liked it, DJ said he liked it but didn't want to finish his as he hates getting messy, which was just as well he didn't finish it, as ruby demolished her's and shouted more more, so DJ gave her the rest of his to eat.
Next we tried the tiffin, I have never heard of tiffin before I had this and wasn't sure about it as tiffin contains sultanas, which I really don't like, But this was lovely, on top it has a nice layer of chocolate, and it has a lovely crunch to it from the honeycomb and digestive biscuit, Ruby took a bite and threw it on the floor, which normally means she doesn't like something, DJ said this was his favourite one and could I get some more for his school lunch box, which I have promised him that i will.
Now for my favourite, the chocolate brownie, This melted in my mouth and was like tasting a piece of heaven, extremely moreish, I was thinking about eating it all, but I couldn't not share with the kids. Both DJ and Ruby also enjoyed this.

I can honestly say that I will be putting in an order for myself very soon, and when they come I will be hiding the brownies as i'm not sharing again. After tasting the products I have been sent, I have to say how pleased I am with everything, I have already told a couple of friends about, they have some lovely products for yourself or to order as a gift for someone.

Edible Mothers Day Gifts


  1. I have a sweet tooth so totally get sugar Poke!

  2. I loved it, and the kids did too, will be ordering more again, they have quite a few products i wouldn't mind giving a try xx