Saturday, 3 March 2012


Sorry I haven't been on here much, Ruby has been unwell and I ended up in hospital with her again,
Poor little mite had a temperature of 104.8,
We had to stay in, as she has severe tonsillitis and was slightly dehydrated, and had to be fed through a syringe. Thank fully we are now home, with 2lots of antibiotics, throat spray and calpol. I have been told she has large tonsils so will suffer with her throat as she grows, They have also said it's more than likely that she will have to have her tonsils out in the future.
Thankfully she is now on the mend and starting to eat and drink more for me. and is slowly returning to her normal mischievous self.

I missed being able to celebrate ST David's day this year as I was in the hospital with ruby, My son had to stay in a friends so she said she put him in a nice white shirt, with a daffodil and small leek attached with a safety pin, I'm quite glad that this year they didn't have a concert as I would of missed it, and I enjoy going to watch them, But this year the school decided to do fun and games with a welsh lamb dinner, DJ said he enjoyed it, so that is the main thing.

On the plus side I am just waiting for a couple of items to arrive in the post to review, I'm looking forward to it, as there is something there for Ruby and DJ, which will be good, I have the camera ready with new batteries.
I am hoping to get some more members on here then I will run a competition, I would like to if I can get up-to 30members before I do this.

Kelly xxx


  1. Hope you are well on the way to recovery with Ruby

  2. thank you, she's much better now, xx