Sunday, 29 July 2012


LJ Couture is a newly launched online boutique, who is owned by the fantastic Lisa Hendy, They specialize in making crystal encrusted dresses in over 90 colours, a range of materials and all dresses are fully lined and boned.
The dresses can be made for any occasion and in all sizes, It takes between 6-8 weeks to make and design each dress, and of course each dress will be a one off, To purchase a dress it costs from £190.
On Saturday July 21st 2012 LJ Couture had their official launch night at the Prestigious Luxe in Loughton where people could view some of the dresses made by Lisa, Place orders and goodie bags were given out to all who attended.
Lisa studied art at school and collage before doing various jobs, It was only when she needed a dress for a special occasion and couldn't find what she wanted that she decided to design and make her own and from here LJ Couture began.
In October 2012 this year they are hoping to showcasing in Essex fashion week, You can contact Lisa in three ways if you would like to find out more.

Email- customerservice@ljcouture


Twitter- @lj_couture

Below are some pictures of part of the colour chart, and drawings Lisa has done and some of the fantastic dresses she has designed.
I would like to take this opportunity to wish Lisa all the best in the future and her success with LJ Couture.

Organza Chart 2 L J Couture.jpgDress Willow.jpgMaryanne Sketch.jpgHarlow mix ad pink fade.jpg 

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