Thursday, 24 May 2012

PAINT YOUR OWN CANVAS KIDS SET (REVIEW) were kind enough to get in touch to see if I would like to review a product for them and this is the item I choose to review.
Within a few days of them contacting me and giving them my details my chosen product arrived in the post, packaged well in cardboard packaging.

The kids create canvas set comes with 4 canvasses, 1 paint palette, 6 paint pots, 2 glitter tubs, 1 paint brush, 1 ribbon and 5 sticker sheets, I choose to do this with my eldest son DJ and he couldn't wait until we were able to do it, (I thought it was best we waited until Ruby was in bed).
This is all packaged really nice and is aimed at children age 3years plus.

Here is DJ waiting for me to get a drink before we got started, on the palette is an extra space for you to mix your colors which I thought was a good idea, I also learnt whilst doing this that DJ know's how to mix and make various colors. Both of us really enjoyed doing this and it was nice to spend some quality time together doing something that he loves.
We spent a good 45 minutes doing a picture each and talking whilst doing it, After painting we allowed them to dry and decorated them with some stickers and glitter.

Here are 2 of the pictures that we have painted, we will be painting the other 2 at the weekend.
I really enjoyed doing these and asked DJ his opinion on them also.
DJ'S OPINION- I really liked doing this it was nice to do some painting different to what I normally do, I also like that I was able to stick stickers and glitter on them as well, I can't wait to do the other 2 with my mum again and hope that my mum will buy some more of these for me to do with my friends.

As I have already said I enjoyed doing this, and think that this kit would make a brilliant gift for friends and families children for birthdays and christmas, I for one will certainly be ordering some as gifts in the very near future.

Below are the links for find me a gift, there is a link for there website, facebook and twitter page.

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