Thursday, 17 May 2012

Crazy Soap

Crazy Soap were kind enough to send me a few of their products to review.
I was sent 5 items in total from them
1)mousse (white)
3)bath time goo (yellow)
4)bath time body paint(red)
5)bath time paint (blue)

My son was really excited to try them out, so that day the products arrived he asked if he could have a bath after his tea.
We went upstairs and started to run the water(cold) so that he could do the bath goo himself so he took a handful and placed his hand under the taps and watched the goo start to dissolve into the water making loads of bubbles, and was really impressed by the fact that it also turned the water yellow.

Next DJ played with the mousse, this you can do what ever you like with, you can make it into shapes, use it on your body to wash with you can even mix 2 colors up together to make another color.
What DJ loved best was the body paints, he loved the fact that he could paint himself with them and draw on the bath and bath tiles without getting told off.
Both the bath paints have a nice clean fruity smell to them that lingers on the skin and in the bathroom for a good while afterwards, which I liked.

As you can see in the pictures above is DJ playing with the mousse making it into shapes and drawing on himself and the bath.
The bath paint is easy to rinse of the bath and body and lathers up well, We still have some body paint and mousse left but have run out of the bath goo and he has asked if we can get more, he now spends ages playing in the bath, compared to the 15minutes he used to spend in there.
Crazy soap is available to buy from Tescos and Morrisions, and prices start from just £2.00.
You can follow crazy soap on twitter and facebook.
There twitter name is @CrazySoap_Kids
Or you can follow them on facebook

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