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V-tech were kind enough to send me the v-tech storio to review for them.
With this you get- storio console, storybook cartridge, instructions, warranty, usb cable, and a stylus.
The v-tech storio is recommended for children age 3-7 years old.
I have to say I was really pleased with this item as it is perfect for DJ, who his 6 years old, as he is dyslexic and has the reading age of someone who is 4years and 3months.

This requires 4AA battery's (not included)
The storio has a touch screen with a keyboard, to use the touch screen you can choose to use the stylus or your fingers, DJ prefers to use the stylus.
You can use this with headphones if you choose to, but these you have to buy separate, There is also space for an sd card (not included).
With this you can connect to the internet using the usb cable to download an extra 3 story's free.
When you turn this on for the first time you can personalize it by adding your name and choosing an avatar,
The first thing we did after personalizing it for DJ was just have a play around with it.
In story mode you can choose to read the story your self or to have a pre-recorded voice read this to you.
DJ does this in both modes, as I am trying to get him to read a little better and believe that this will help.

Not only can you read with the storio but you can also practice your writing skills and play games, These will save on the storio it self.
You will earn certificates along the way to mark how well you are doing, these also save.
We have had this now for around 4weeks and DJ uses it everyday for an hour before bed, We like to sit together and practice his reading.
DJ's teacher has said that there has been a slight inprovement in his writing skills since we had this and he is soon to be tested again with his reading to see if there has been any improvement, this test will also allow us to see if he need's more help than he is getting now.
The battery's in the storio don't last long, approx 3hours, so I would recommend buying either re-chargeable battery's or an ac adapter(can be bought of ebay and amazon), which we have done.
This retails at £70 and comes with 1 story cartridge, although you can buy others, which we have done.
I really like the storio as it is an educational game, and once DJ has finished with it, Ruby will be able to.
I believe that the price of the storio is excellent.
I will update this review once DJ has been tested on his reading and see if it has helped improve his reading age.
V-tech products are available to buy in argos, tesco and on-line

I have not been paid for this review, all opinions are my own.

you can check out v-tech on facebook

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I would also like to thank emma at v-tech for dealing with me and for keeping in contact and up-dated on everything. Thank you emma :)

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