Wednesday, 18 April 2012


I was kindly sent this product to review from v-tech
This is the octobubble orchestra and is suitable for children age 12+months. This come's supplied with battery's and on the packaging it is stated that they are for demo purposes only, But I will say if like other v-tech toy's I have purchased myself the battery's will last a good while.
This come's supplied with a pot of bubbles and easy to follow instructions. When My daughter seen this she got so excited and couldn't wait for me to get it out of the box, So we took it out straight away and had a go with it.
With this you have the choice of music or talking, On the music when she press one of the keys it states what animal it is and the instrument they are playing, then you get a music tune, When you have it on the talking version it tells you the shapes and animals that are on the keys.
You also have the option to have the bubbles being blown or not, this is really easy to use and ruby worked it all out within 5minutes of me giving it to her.

This is Ruby having ago before I even had the chance to get it out of all the packaging, she love's music so was really impressed with this and started dancing away, This comes with a guarantee for you to register your product online and also with a leaflet showing you various other v-tech products.

I decided to test the toy before we went in the bath so I filled with the bubble solution supplied and away we were, Ruby absolutely loved it when the bubbles started coming out towards her, she was laughing and giggling loads.
What I really like about v-tech is that there toys aren't plain and boring, as you can see from the pictures the are bright and colourful which children really like. They are also educational. This v-tech toy teaches you different shapes, music, animals and instruments, I also believe that they teach you colour.

This is ruby in the bath with her new v-tech toy, as you can see from the picture she is smiling, she kept shouting bubbles, bubbles, This toy is waterproof, and at the back of it there are 2 large suction caps, I stuck this to the bathroom tiles whilst bathing ruby and it stuck well and didn't move at all when she was pressing the various buttons.
My son has also played with this in the bath and he is 6years old and loved it himself, I guess I have to also admit to having the bubbles blowing whilst I was in the bath as well, I actully found it quite relaxing. All 3 of us really love this, Since we have had it, there have been no tantrums from the children when I have said it's time for the bath.
I can't recomend this toy enough, It is absolutely fantastic.
This retails at £22.99 and is avalible from the v-tech website.

You can follow v-tech on twitter and facebook.!/vtechtoysuk

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