Saturday, 7 April 2012


My step-dad had a day off work yesterday (good friday), so decided to take me and the kids for a drive in the car to get out of the house for a few hours.
We ended up in Pilli Palas, (butterfly place), which has butterfly's, lizards, snakes and a few other animals.
For 3 of us to get in, it cost £21.00, We didn't have to pay for ruby as she is under the age of 3years.
Now the one thing I am scared off is butterfly's, DJ was laughing so much as each time a butterfly came towards me I'd duck, I wouldn't mind so much but these butterfly's are quite big.

First picture is of the butterfly eating, I had to get my step-dad to take that picture for me, I was to scared to get that close, The second picture is my step-dad with DJ and Ruby, both the kids adore him and follow him where-ever he goes.
My favourite part of pilli palas was the meerkats, It was also the kids favourite, They are both meerkat crazy, We had some lunch whilst we were there in the cafe, It was really nice, All in all we spent just over 2hours there, this was seeing the animals, having lunch and spending some time in the play area they have there.
I any off you visit north wales with children, I would recommend going there for a few hours. My kids loved it, not only that but it also helped tire them out.

Here are my favourite pictures that were taken whilst we were at pilli palas.

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