Saturday, 7 April 2012

Mine and DJ'S day to llandudno

I decided to take DJ to llandudno for the day to do some shopping, have some quality time together and go to the arcades.
Off all the days we decided to go it was pouring with rain, really windy and snowing in some places. I asked DJ if he wanted to leave it for another day, but his reply was if we wrap up warm we will be OK. I think he was excited as it was the 2 of us and my brother who we hadn't seen in over 12months, Ruby was staying with her dad, for the first time in 7weeks, so he wanted to make the most of it
This is a picture of us waiting for the bus, I kept saying to DJ smile properly, his reply to that was but mum I don't no how to, cheeky so-so he is, when he does smile properly, he has the cutest smile and dimples.
My brother met us on the train, When we got the the first thing DJ wanted to do was go to the pier, So we went down there but it was closed off because of the weather, so we went into the arcade and played a few of the games and had our picture taken, We collected tickets from some of the games to exchange for prizes. DJ choose a cup for his sister, 2 bouncy balls, a toy gun, teddy bear and a cup for himself.
We then went for dinner and decided to have a kfc, well it was a day out and a treat for him so I didn't mind.
After dinner we decided to go for a walk round, DJ had saved £15 of his own money and wanted to see what he could buy for himself. Bless all he ended up buying was a stick of rock for Nana and a lolly for Ruby.
We then went to the other arcade and again collected tickets to exchange, This time he changed them for a sponge-bob bag, pen and paper, a fairy wand for Ruby and a pirate set for himself.
He was such a good boy all day and didn't once ask for anything, It was also nice being able to spend some quality time with him without ruby(yes that may sound a bit nasty, but I think it's important each child gets some alone child with me)
With his pirate set on the train home,

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