Saturday, 14 April 2012

Easter Day 2012

I thought I would show the pictures from Easter day 2012 in our house and tell you a little about our day.
This Easter we had waffles with warm syrup for breakfast both the kids said it was yummy, Normally I like the children to have a proper breakfast but as it was Easter Sunday I thought we would have something different.
Both DJ and Ruby had 9 Easter eggs each this year, DJ also got 2 games for his Nintendo wii and Ruby had a hello kitty teddy and some hello kitty story books.
My mum took it in turns to have each child for me so I got to have some 1 on 1 time with each off them which was lovely.
With DJ I made some Easter nest cakes and played brain training on the wii for half hour and with Ruby I made some butterfly cakes and read some off her new books to her, It's not often I really get to spend time with them 1 to 1, I really enjoyed it, so did the kids, especially DJ. Afterwards we went to my mums where we all had a roast dinner cooked by my step-dad.
I have added some pictures below for you to see the cakes we made and the eggs the kids got.
 Above is DJ'S eggs, wii games and sponge bob breakfast set he had for easter

 Above is Ruby's eggs, hello kitty teddy and cup, (story books were on the sofa)
 DJ and Ruby together with there easter hats, Ruby was pulling the sticker's of her's
 DJ with his easter hat, he had also worn this in school for the easter parade and won 2nd prize out of his class and won a medium size easter egg
 Ruby pulling the sticker's of her easter hat, Little madam she is, tried to get her to wear it for a picture but she wouldn't.
 These are the fairy cakes I made with Ruby, Because she is still only a baby, (17months) I had never made cakes with her before, We had lots of fun though, and loads of mess, but it was worth it to see her smiling and hear her laughing
These are the cakes me and DJ made together, Again we made a mess, although I think there was more mess on DJ'S face after I let him lick the spoon and bowl, Didn't get a chance to get a picture of him though as my battery's in the camera decided to run out.

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