Sunday, 5 August 2012


On July 16th DJ had his school trip, parents were also given the option to go with their children this year so I decided to go with him, Ruby had been ill the week before so my auntie offered to look after her for me and I'm glad she did as the weather wasn't good at all, As you can see from my jeans in the picture above I'm soaked, this pic was taken at around 1pm.
The morning of the trip I asked DJ if he would like to go and do something else instead but he said he didn't and he wanted to go to greenwood especially as this would be his last trip with this primary school as I'm transferring him to another.
It was pouring with rain so we both made sure we were wrapped up warm with waterproof coats and are packed lunch wrapped and packed well.
Greenwood forest park is all outdoors, their are 2 indoor areas, this is a small gift shop with a variety of gifts starting from just 99p and a cafe area which also has a small soft play area.
There is quite a lot to do and see and although it rained all day and we were soaked to the skin DJ still said he had a good day which is good and what matters.
We had a ride on the pedal karts and a walk around the crocodile maze to see if we could find the crocodile, we even climbed the big wooden climbing frame and came down the plastic slides.
Although my friends son lost his boot climbing over the ropes, so I had to make my way down to find it and then all the way back up, Just so he didn't get his sock wet.

DJ with his pink brolly to try keep him dry, it's a picture to keep and show his girlfriends when he's older, in the next pic is DJ again with my friend and her son, We had fun posing for this and took it in turns.

DJ on the pedal karts, I had to pedal us around the circuit and managed it just 3 times before my legs started to hurt, they hurt for the rest of the day, and DJ again after he had found the crocodile in the maze

Coming down the slides on the smaller climbing frame and a bees nest which was massive, I've never seen a nest before so was amazing to see all the bees and the honey.
If you live in wales or are visiting north wales at all I would recommend visiting greenwood as it is a lovely place with so much to do and see, but I would advise you to go on a day when it's not raining.

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