Tuesday, 7 August 2012


Teapigs kindly sent me a box of 50 teabags to review and offer some for a competition,
I received 10 different flavours and 5 of each flavour.
The flavours I received are

1) Lemon and ginger
2) Chamomile flowers
3) Popcorn tea
4) Darjeeling earl grey
5) Liquorice and peppermint
6) Rooibos creme caramel
7) Mao feng green tea
8) Peppermint leaves
9) Chocolate flake
10) Super fruit

All the bags are biodegradable and unlike normal teabags don't contain what looks like dust, they contain whole leaf, real fruit pieces.
Each tea temple needs to be infused in boiling water for at least 3 minutes before being drunk, with some you can choose to add milk/cream if you like, or to allow to cool and store in the fridge and drink as iced tea, which is perfect on a hot summers day (When we get them).
Most of the tea temples are also caffeine free which is great as it means you can drink them just before bedtime without having a caffeine hit and being kept awake

Above is a picture of the Rooibos creme caramel flavour tea, I tried this as it is before adding anything to it and although it tasted quite nice it does say on the packaging to try/drink with milk so I added a dash of milk and have to say that it tasted like heaven then, This is my best one as it has a rich caramel taste to it.
I enjoyed all of them but the one that I liked the least was earl grey, but I don't normally like earl grey tea, so that could be the reason.
Chamomile flowers is a great one to have before bed, I had mine whilst having a relaxing soak in the bath and between the tea and the bath I felt quite relaxed and had a great nights sleep.
Why not check out the teapigs website at http://www.teapigs.co.uk/ where you can not only purchase the tea bags but also enter competitions, view there blog and buy gifts.
If you would like the chance to win some of the tea pigs teabags in 10 different flavours why not enter the competition below

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  1. Chocolate flake sounds yummy x

  2. popcorn sounds interesting....but chocolate flake sounds awesome!!

  3. wow i've never seen the popcorn tea! i'd try that.

  4. The popcorn tea sounds intriguing and I'd love to try it!

  5. Liquorice and peppermint sounds interesting