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I have kindly been sent a box of skinny sprinkles by the wonderful Jane to review so as it is going to be around 2 weeks before I write up a review giving my opinion on them I thought that I would write a little about them and my weight now so that myself and my blog readers will know how much weight I lose whilst using skinny sprinkles.
Skinny sprinkles can be used as a snack or half an hour before a meal and this will suppress your appetite
It is also recommended that if you exercise to have this 30minutes before and it will help you get more from your workout as they also give you extra energy. They do recommend though that you use with a weight loss programme or reduced calorie diet, These are also suitable for people who follow weight watchers as they are 0 pro points.
To make these up is simple you just add the sprinkles to water and stir well, it then starts to thicken ready to drink, They contain glucomannan which is a special fibre and this is what helps the stomach to think you have eaten and fills you up.

I have to say I am looking forward to trying these out and giving my full honest opinion, including before and after pics and weight loss in about 2 weeks time.
So now it's time to give you my weight and measurements
I am 8stones 9lbs and have measured round my stomach and if I have measured correctly it is 35 inches.
So from tomorrow I will be starting my skinny sprinkles along with some exercise and healthy eating, and will note down what I eat and what exercise I do and report back with weight loss and inch loss.

Why not check out skinny sprinkles on facebook, twitter and their web page, links below

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