Monday, 6 August 2012


I thought I would write a post about a website I have done a guest post for but also a website that I use often.
Wriggly Rascals is a web site that is for parents and parents to be where you can read posts by guest bloggers and get advice about parenting, pregnancy and other issues you feel you may need some help and advice.
You can choose to ask a quick question or to get a more detailed answer, and this question will then be asked to the members who will include some details and advise for you to go by, The form to fill in for this is quick and easy to use.
You can also choose to offer questions and advice as a member or non member, but as a member you will earn points for each one you answer and give advice, These points can be saved until they open a pop up shop which is open once a month for approx 3-5 days with so many items and brands to choose from, You don't have to purchase anything you can choose to save your points until you have enough to get what you want, upon purchasing an item points will be deducted from your account and your item will be with you within 14 days.
You will also be sent regular news letters to your email address and be notified when the pop up shop is opening and closing, your points are also clearly stated and if you go into your account you will be able to see how much these points are worth.
At the top of the page their is a contact us tab that gives you an email address should you need to contact wriggly rascals at all, I will say I have contacted them a few times and always had a reply within 24 hours that has been friendly, helpful and polite, I now feel like Shona is a very good on line friend.
Wriggly Rascals is run by husband and wife, Shona and Mike who have twins and the reason the site was set up was because whilst pregnant Shona found it difficult to find help and answers on the web and found that the most helpful advice was given to her by other mums.
I also like that whilst trying to offer my help and advice to other mums I am earning points which I will use to get an extra treat or 2 for my own children, and it is nice to know that their is somewhere to turn and ask and be given a range of advice.
I have included the links below for the wriggly rascals web site, facebook page and twitter, why not take a look and join yourself.

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