Tuesday, 28 August 2012


My mum and step-dad recently had a few days off work and promised the kids they would take them out for the day, I was asked if I wanted to tag along, but said no, I thought it would be nice for the kids to have some time alone with them, and also for me to get some peace, although I only ended up staying in and cleaning the house from top to bottom.
They decided to go to chester zoo for the day and set of at 10am, and didn't arrive home until 8pm that night, DJ took my camera with him so all the pictures are taken by him,
The morning they left it was pouring with rain but DJ still wanted to go, but luckily once they arrived there the sun was shining.

They got to see lots of different animals with the meerkat being both their favourite, and had a burger and chips for dinner whilst they were there, and each came home with 2 little presents each,
I'm glad they both enjoyed their day and they have asked nana and didi when they can go again, although I don't think there in any hurry to take them any time soon

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