Tuesday, 14 August 2012


I was sent the monsuno strike sector combat set and cores to review with my son DJ who is 6years old, 7 next week.
The monsuno strike sector combat set is aimed at children age 4 years plus and to be honest when we first got it and took it all out of the packaging I looked at it and felt really confused.
The strike sector combat set includes 1 strike sector base, 2 launch ramps and 2 rails, the box we got also included a bonus battle bag. We also got the extra cores and another set which included figures, cores and cards.
The strike sector set was easy to put together as you just needed to clip the rails in and open the base and put this down, so although at first it looked confusing it was actually really easy to put together and to share the cards, sort out the cores and figures it only took me around 10minutes.
Up to 4 players can play this at any one time, Below is a picture of DJ playing this with a friend of his (I have not included his friend in the picture as his parents don't like pictures of him being on the Internet)

I found the game went over my head but I don't really seem to understand these card games very well, Or if you ask DJ he would say it's because I'm not cool and young enough (I'm only 28)
The game can be played quite quickly or can last for an hour or so, I do think it depends on how many people are playing the game.

DJ has said that he enjoyed playing the game but it is not something he will play with often, but he likes how he can leave it set up as it is easier to play then and keep under the bed when not in use.
I do think that some of the reason he doesn't like to play this is because you have writing on the cards and DJ is dyslexic and suffers with his reading so often has to ask for help which he doesn't like to do.

This can be purchased from http://www.flairplc.co.uk/

The prices are

Monsuno combat set - £24.99
Four (4) cores - £27.99
Wild core - £14.99

Now I have to be honest and say that I do think it is expensive for what it is and for what you get and it's not something I would spend that much money on although I would let DJ spend his birthday/christmas money on it if it was something he really wanted.

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