Tuesday, 14 August 2012


I was sent the GEOMAG WHEELS set by a pr company to review with my son DJ

The geomag set is suitable for children age 5 years plus and contains 68 pieces all together, This includes wheels, magnets, ball bearings and more, The set we received also has some parts that glow in the dark, You can purchase this from http://www.flairplc.co.uk/ and from http://www.smythstoys.com/ for £24.99 which in my opinion is well worth it.
The instructions that come with this are fairly easy to follow which is great for some one like me who can't seem to follow instructions, Although my son who is 7 didn't need them.

When the geomag set arrived for me to review my son got really excited when he seen what it was especially as you can crash the cars and helicopter into each other without the worry that they will break as if these do come apart they are easy enough to put back together.
I will admit that I struggled to put these together and started to panic so I sat with DJ and I pulled all the parts out and he sat their with pure concentration on his face as he put them together and within 15 minutes he had built the helicopter, admittedly the police car and jeep did take him slightly longer but he was quite happy to sit their doing it all.
This is something I would purchase as a present for my son if he didn't have this set and will also be keeping in mind as a Christmas and birthday presents for friends children and family members, I think that the recommended age for this is the right age as it may be a little hard for anyone younger, DJ is nearly 7 and has enjoyed playing with this and putting it all back together and pulling them apart.

In the picture above is the box when opened and the contents that come with it, the picture below is the helicopter after being built, unfortunately I don't have pictures of the others as they have been pulled apart again but I will add pictures of them in a few days when DJ has re-built them.

I have asked DJ what he thinks of the geomag wheels set and this is what he has had to say.

I have really enjoyed playing with this and putting it all together and smashing it all up and building it again as I don't have to worry about breaking anything and having my mummy shout at me and tell me off, My friends have been and played with this as well and they like it to, I like that it glows in the dark as it means when mummy turns the light of I can still play with them, I won't let my sister play with this though because I don't want her to lose any of the bits because if she does it might mean I won't be able to build everything together again, It was quite easy to do but mummy found it hard.

I have not been paid to review this product but I have been allowed to keep the geomag set that was sent to me free of charge, Opinions in this review are mine and my son's.

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